16th September 2022

Project under the procedure "Rehabilitation of SMEs by improving energy efficiency".


19th October 2021

Thanks to funding from the European community.



1st June 2021



- new CNC lathe with five axes and double spindel


- new three-dimensional collage Zeiss-Duramax 


1st March 2021


Introduced new automatic machine for cutting cables "Schuuniger".


1st December 2020


Introduced new wiring-molding hotmelt system.


1st July 2020


A really difficult “ first half due” to Covid…

With pride and sacrifice, however, we can say that despite our production stoppages, those of suppliers and customers, all our collaborators have always been guaranteed 100% of their salary and all have been kept in force, without exception.


Investing in people, believe in us!


28th April 2020

Thanks to funding from the European community, we will be able to make major new investments that will allow us to expand production capacity and carry out more in-depth quality tests.


Investing in an uncertain year?

If you know where you want to go, you will still keep going.


29th of November 2019

Providing an important customer like Faac Group requires maximum commitment and dedication, every moment.
It involves managing:

- hundreds of different components/ products coming and going to different countries;
- passages of semi-finished products at third-party companies for external processing, with logistics   and timing linked to several variables;
- products in continuous evolution and never static;
- weekly delivery schedules rescheduled every 5 days at the most.

Knowing that all this is monitored and recognized, it certainly gives more energy.
Let me say: Thank you Faac and Thank you IBG!

Mirko Cuter

The awarding of the recognition plaque from the Production Planning Manager of Faac Group, Mr Nikolay Yakimov, to our Production Manager Mr. Aleksander Tsvyatkov


29th of October 2019

Students intern at Tutrakan Industrial Park

Students from the professional steamers at " Hristo Botev" High School - Tutrakan have been practice for several years at the companies located on the territory of the Tutrakan Industrial Park. So, in practice, they get to know the real and modern industrial production, which helps them in their professional orientation after completing secondary education in their hometown.
This happened thanks to the good cooperation between the school and the owner of the Industrial Park Steve Haralambiev and with the assistance of Tutrakan Municipality headed by the Mayor Dr. Dimitar Stefanov. A few days ago, he visited an Industrial park. After talking with managers of companies where students go through their practice, and with Steve Haralambiev, it was decided to make a donation to the students - laptops and multimedia.



28th October 2019

Mayor in visit

The famous actor, chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and a friend of Tutrakan, Hristo Mutafchiev visited our city and Steve Haralambiev's Tutrakan Industrial Park last week. The actor was very impressed with the working conditions and modern production here.



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